Canon PIXMA iP1800 Driver Download For Windows, Mac and Linux

Canon PIXMA iP1800 Driver Download 

Canon PIXMA iP1800

Canon PIXMA iP1800

Canon PIXMA iP1800 Driver Download -The Canon Pixma iP1800 is tiny enough to fit just about everywhere you could need it. Configuration is normal for an ink jet: Plug it in, transform it on, as well as break in the black as well as tricolor cartridges. Then run the automated installation program and plug in a USB cable when the program informs you to. Unlike most Canon printers, the iP1800 includes the nozzles in the cartridges, so there’s no different print visit mount.

Unfortunately, one option Canon made to maintain the cost low was to get rid of automated positioning. That implies you need to align the print heads manually– an uncommon action for almost the least-expensive printers today. Hands-on alignment includes printing a positioning web page, picking the best-looking options for each and every of numerous positioning samples, and after that going into the settings in the printer motorist. Offered the price, relying upon manual positioning serves, however it does not make the process any kind of less of a duty, particularly given that you have to do it whenever you replace a cartridge. Consider it the price you have to pay for the advantage of paying out much less cash.

The Canon Pixma iP1800 likewise ratings moderately well on top quality. Text is a little below par for an ink jet, but far from the most awful I have actually seen. The only actual problems were with 2 greatly elegant fonts with thick strokes. One font style required 20 indicate qualify as conveniently understandable. The various other typeface could not pass that limit also at 20 factors. Even so, all the conventional typefaces in our examinations– the ones you may use in company or school job– were conveniently readable, with well-formed personalities, at 8 points, and also in some cases even at 6 factors. Sides aren’t as sharp as I ‘d want if I were trying to forecast a feeling of professionalism and reliability, yet the high quality is good enough for many company requirements, as well as absolutely adequate for school.

Graphics as well as photo quality match most of exactly what you find in various other ink jets. With graphics I saw some banding in default method, but not in top quality method, and a propensity (just like several printers), for slim lines to go away. Like other Canon printers, full-page graphics published with the Canon Pixma iP1800 tended to curl the plain paper we used on our examinations.

None of these matter as significant issues, however. The graphics are conveniently adequate for schoolwork as well as internal business usage. If you keep away from slim lines, print in high-grade mode, as well as invest in a somewhat more costly, heavier-weight paper to avoid curling, the graphics are also good enough for result targeted at a client or consumer you intend to thrill with your professionalism.

Image quality is regular for a current-model ink jet, making the 1P1800’s prints comparable to photos from your local drugstore or image shop. That’s a bit short of what you could obtain from the best photo printers or a professional photo laboratory, but it’s likewise real image top quality necessarily. I saw a small blue shift in some pictures, and tips of shade in some tones of grey on a monochrome picture, however no significant problems. Unless you have a vital eye, you possibly will not see any kind of problems.

The pictures are likewise reasonably water immune. If you allow drops of water dry, they’ll leave water spots, yet you can hand the pictures around for individuals to take a look at without bothering with them coming back smeared. I held one under running water and also massaged it without obvious result.

However the photos aren’t scratchproof, which indicates you’ll should take care regarding gliding them over each other. I saw great deals of surface blemishes after repeatedly shuffling via the pile. If you could avoid scraping them, nevertheless, they need to last a long period of time. Canon claims they will certainly resist fading for 100 years if storeded dark storage space, as in an album; Three Decade if maintained behind glass; and also 10 years if revealed to the air.

Overall, the Canon Pixma iP1800 is a surprisingly great printer. I would certainly like it much more if its text high quality were a bit a lot better. Still, the message is good enough for most individual as well as company demands, the graphics and also pictures are greater than appropriate, and also the performance is excellent for the rate. Everything amounts to making the iP1800 a great choice if you need a printer for a home, home office, or dormitory.

Compatibility – Operating System (OS) Canon PIXMA iP1800

Windows 10, Windows 10 (x64), Windows
8.1, Windows 8.1 (x64), Windows 8, Windows 8 (x64), Windows 7,  Windows
7 (x64), Windows Vista,  Windows Vista (x64), Windows XP, Macintosh, 
Mac OS and Linux
Canon PIXMA iP1800 Driver Download

Download ↔ iP1800 series My Printer Ver.3.3.0 (Windows 10/10 x64/8.1/8.1 x64/8/8 x64/7/7 x64/Vista/Vista64/XP)

Download ↔ iP1800 series Easy-WebPrint EX Ver. 1.6.0 (Windows 10/10 x64/8.1/8.1 x64/8/8 x64/7/7 x64/Vista/Vista64/XP)

Download ↔ iP1800 series Easy-PhotoPrint EX Ver.4.5.0 (Windows 10/10 x64/8.1/8.1 x64/8/8 x64/7/7 x64/Vista/Vista64/XP)

Download ↔ iP1800 series My Printer Ver.3.3.0 (Windows 10/10 x64/8.1/8.1 x64/8/8 x64/7/7 x64/Vista/Vista64/XP)

Download ↔ iP1800 series Printer Driver Add-On Module Ver.2.00 (Windows 10/10 x64/8.1/8.1 x64/8/8 x64/7/7 x64/Vista/Vista64/XP)

Download ↔ iP1800 series CUPS Printer Driver Ver. (OS X 10.5/10.6/10.7/10.8)

Download ↔ IJ Printer Driver Ver. 2.70 for Linux (rpm Package for iP1800 series)

Download ↔ IJ Printer Driver Ver. 2.70 for Linux (rpm Common package)

How to install driver for Windows on your computer or laptop :

The steps to install the software and driver for Canon PIXMA iP1800 Series :

  1. After
    the download is complete and you are ready to install the file, click
    Open the Folder, and then click the files that you have downloaded. The
    file name ends in .exe.
  2. You
    can also accept the default location to save the file. Click Next, and
    please wait while the installer. extracts the files to prepare the
    installation on your computer or laptop.
  3. When the Install Wizard starts, follow the on-screen instructions to install the software.
  4. When finished restart your computer or laptop Then do a test print and scan tests.
  5. If the test print and scan it there is no problem, then we have successfully installed the driver.

to set up Canon PIXMA iP1800 Driver , you must test the specifications
of the device used which encompass the form of printer and working
device used on desktops and laptops, if there may be any question please
Contact Us.

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